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The right exterior lighting will turn your landscaped garden area into something so much more. You may wish to display a specific tree, water feature or rock garden, or simply light the way along your pavers for guests. Either way, well-designed garden lighting can turn your garden by day into a stunning and magical exhibition by night.

With an extensive selection of lights available from Cidalume you can continue on into the night with style.


Light has the ability to affect people’s emotions and how they feel in their space and their world.

Here at Cidalume we understand the impact lighting can have on your day and can help transform the lighting in your buildings and office space.


At Cidalume we know that designing your interior lighting is as much a part of the process as choosing the right coloured paint. The right lighting design and style can accentuate the mood and feel of your house, as well as provide the perfect amount of warmth and welcome.

At Cidalume we think about the bigger picture. We will help you plan the layout and style of your lighting design to make sure each space in your house has its own atmosphere.